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Rajasthan Textile


Rajasthani textiles come in a fascinating range of dyed and block-printed fabrics often fired with gold and silver-in the Khari style. Sanganer in Jaipuri is virtually flooded with block-makers and printers. You may visit these cottage industries and see the workers involved in their work.

The town of Bagru specializes in unique circular designs in earth shades drawn from vegetable colors printed on bedspreads, table linen and clothes. The red, black and olive green, mosaic-like patterns of the Jajams of Chittaurgarh are popularly used to make women’s skirts, wraps and floor coverings. Textiles, dyed in the bandhani or tie & dye style have achieved a certain amount of refinement over the years. Before dyeing and the emerging patterns are singular.

The women of Rajasthan are apt at the art of embroidery. Shekhawati women specialize in making appliqué with animal designs. Chain stitch with dancing figures, flowers and peacocks are popular motifs in Alwar; Women of Barmer use mirrors to enhance the appeal of the embroidered piece. In appliqué, pieces of cloth of different shapes and sizes are patched together to make a pleasing multi-colored mosaic with exotic colors, shapes and patterns. Kota Doria saress are produced in the handlooms of Kota and are known for their quality and comfort.