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Religious Fair


The sitabari Fair is held near village kelwara in Baran Dirstrict. Sitabari is considered to be the place where Sita, the wife of lord Ram, was left by Lakshman to serve the period of her banishment legend has it that a stream sprouted from ground where Lakshman shot an arrow to fetch water for Sita. This stream is called ’Lakshman Babhuka’. People from all communities visit sitabari to bathe in the tanks (kunds) which are always filled with clean, fresh water. The water of the kunds is considered to be sacred and is believed to possess curative properties.


People visit the kunds to take a holy dip for the purification of the body and soul and to perform oblations dedicated to the various deities whose images are installed  here.
The biggest water tank is the Lakshman Kund with one of its gates called ‘Lakshman Darwaza’ where an idol of Hanuman is installed. People bathe here and pay homage to the idol of Lakshman, erected beside the Kund.  The pilgrims also pay respects to the wooden platform called ‘Lakshman-ka-Takhat and the Tulsi plant in the shrine.

People offer cash, grain, batashas, jiggery, coconut etc. to the deities as a token of the devotion. Pilgrims also visit the valmiki Ashram where according to the Ramayana, the twin sons of Ram, and Sita, Luv and kush were born, it is a simple structure of one horizontal stone resting on two vertical stones.