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Shopping in Rajasthan


Rajasthan is a land where tradition has been imbibed into every aspect of life. The paintings, handicrafts, Jewellery and textiles of this land reflect the distinctiveness of the region they belong to. for the past few centuries, jewellers have specialized in enamellings and setting of precious stones in gold. old silver Jewellery, with its old-world charm is popular in the desert cities. The textiles come in a range of designs and colors each piece is unique since it is handmade.

Many of the leading showrooms and emporia of Rajasthan have artisans at work in-house, and one can take close look at the age-old process of creating the product-be ti a carpet or an enameled bangle set with semi-precious stones. Gem palace, Silver and Art Palace and Amrapali in Jaipur are some of the leading showrooms.

Ajmer’s numerous Rajasthani items reflect an ancient tradition. Silver and gold ornaments, Jewellery, tie and dye saries, embroidered jodhpuri shoes are this city’s specialties.

Bikaner has its own peculiar items typical to this desert region-camel hide, Jugs, lamps shades, carpets made of camel and sheep wool, wood & leather product and paintings. Mouthwatering Rasgullas (a sweetmeat) and Bikaner Bhujjia (a knd of snack) are an absolute must. Woolen Handicraft, tie and dye fabric and furniture. There is a thriving industry in made-as-souvenirs. Leatherwear, embroidery with mirror work, woolen pathue, wooden boxes, trinkets curios & silver jewellery.

Jaipur’s shopping extravaganza:
A major gem and jewellery center, Jaipur is famous for Kundan and meenakari work (enamel work on gold). Also there are woolen carpets, cotton rugs, marble statuary, enameled wares, brassware, and hand-block printed Sanganeri and Bagru cotton fabrics, exotic blue pottery made from crushed quartz leather footwear and more.rajasthanJaipur ,can easily qualify as one of the world’s capitals for quality arts and crafts, each known handicraft trade finding its own resonance here. Families still inhabit quarters in the city where they first set root, and they still conduct their business from stores in lanes where others off their ilk ply their trade.

The wall city is a mosaic of people, colors, shops, more color, craftsmen at work, and the kaleidoscope continues to move between the present and the past. The Badi and Choti Chauparis, for example, consist of row of shops that run parallel to the road and you can continue exploring endlessly, as each tiny store has its specialization.

Mirror work, embroidery articles, woolen pattue, wooden boxes, trinkets, curios & Jewellery.

A shopper’s paradise, Jodhpur boasts of array of handicrafts items. The internationally known Jodhpur breeches, locally called Jodhpuri, are a favourite buy. Besides you can go for embroidered shoes, white metal curios and silverware, quits weighing just ½ kg plus a range of other souvenirs, wooden toys, leather goods, paintings and tie-and- dye fabrics.

Wooden Handicrafts tie and dye fabrics and furniture. There is a thriving industry in made-as-old souvenirs.

Udaipur is an ideal place for bargain hunters. A multitude of items, including folk toys, shimmering tie-and-dye saries and garments, turbans, hand painted textiles, silver Jewellery, wall hangings and wall paintings are strongly recommended. The terracotta images of various gods and goddesses made in Molela village near Nathdwara are also available in Udaipur.