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Marriages are made in Heavens” and solemnized on earth. The Indian marriage, the celestial bond of two souls forever, is one of the pious most deeds of the Indian human life where two persons emerge out as one after merging their identities. Traditional Hindu Rajput marriage terminates into nuptial bond for ever when both, bride and groom take oath before the Holy Fire by taking seven circles around it. 

The marriage ceremony is solemnized and celebrated by the relatives and friends of both families in great festive mood. This festivity begins with the first, invitation presented to Lord Ganesha on an auspicious day, fixed by the family priest.

On the final day, the Joy is on its peak when the family and friends of groom side, move towards the house of the bride in a procession. The joyous mood is palpable. When the marriage procession starts, it is a combination of music, singing, dancing with merriments on its peak. The best dresses in gaudy colors, embroidered fabric studded with real or phony stones, patch works along with traditional jewelry , presents the special look of marriage flock. Men in traditional dresses with beautifully tied turbans walking proudly present a theme of fairy land. A live band leads the procession along with fireworks, illuminated rows of lamps, relatives, friends and in the last , groom rides a horse wearing sparkling ‘Groom Dress’.

A grand welcome awaits the procession at the venue to the marriage with Shehnai Music. Welcome drinks, sweet meats are offered after being garlanded. In the meantime, the mother in law besmear ‘Tilak’ on the forehead of the groom and after few rituals and folk songs, the groom is escorted to the ‘Vedi’ to solemnize the marriage. Women folk continue to sing the marital songs.

On the other side, the guests are entertained by traditional musicians and dancers, and a beautifully laid buffet of choicest Indian cuisine is laid along with a well stocked Bar counter, offering drinks and cocktails. However the music, song and dance continues to please the guest.