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World’s Largest Fair


Of singular importance is the annual fair held at Pushkar, near Ajmer. Tens of thousands of pilgrims come to bathe in the holy waters of the Pushkar lake. Legend has it that the lake appeared miraculously on the spot, where petals of a lotus blossom fell from the hands of Lord Brahma, the creator. As the site of a rare temple of lord Brahma, Pushkar has an atmosphere of an ancient religious town, peaceful and secluded. Holy men, called sadhus can be seen meditating.

But, for twelve days in the month of Kartik, it is transformed into a spectacular fair ground. This cattle fair is overwhelming in its magnitude and in its visual impact. Here traders set camp to strike deals for cattle, camels and horses. You can join in too, if only to share a glass of tea. Vendors peddle their dazzling range of wares in hundreds of stalls. Graceful camels raced and paraded are also bought and sold. Gaily canopied booths selling smacks, sweetmeats, ice crushes, bangles, brassware, cloth and camel saddles and halters are a photographer’s delight. In the evening, the entire atmosphere reverberates with the ringing of bells. Meanwhile, at the camel-camp, the silhouettes of camels against the sunsets are memorable.

At night, hundreds of small oil lamps placed on green leaves, set the lake alight floated by worshippers after the aarti puja, this act of worship is called “DEEPDAN”

A special tourist village complex is set up by the Rajasthan Tourism Department to cater to the rush. This not only offers tented accommodation, but with lodging and boarding facilities provided in deluxe/ordinary tents and huts also has a round-the clock Coffee shop, Dining Hall, Tourist Information Counter, Foreign currency Exchange counter, Post office and Medical aid facilities. Offer combines also provide tented accommodation.

The tourist Village is self-sufficient and especially designed to complement the scenic beauty of the site. It has a coffee shop and a dining hall in the center. Only vegetarian food is allowed here and alcohol is totally prohibited. We put up a tourist village during the fair. This self-sufficient camp can cater to guest, all looked after with service and facilities like comfortable tents, coffee shop, post and telegraph and entertainment.

Things to do in Pushkar Fair

1.Camel Safari
This is an exciting feature of the Pushkar Fair; tourists can take a ride of camels around the fairgrounds which is a unique experience with the undulating sand dunes and the desert terrain. The views of the dunes especially during sunsets and sun rises are mesmerizing and one of the most beautiful activities one can partake in during the festival.

The Royal Camp captures the luxurious nostalgia of a bygone age of the Maharaja’s safari and shikar camps. The Camp consists of 80 custom made tents each with verandah, bedroom and bathroom. All amenities and fittings have been created for maximum comfort. There is a large dining tent serving the best of Rajasthani cuisine and a large open reception tent with seating areas. The campfire is the focal point for the evening entertainment programmed and rhythms of the Thar-music, dancing, magic shows, puppet shows, jugglers, flaming torches and camel parades. The experience of such fine camp living could be enjoyed at Pushkar and Nagaur.

3.Hot Air Balloon Ride
See the fair from a bird’s eye perspective while on a giant hot air balloon kilometer up in the sky. This isn’t an activity for the faint hearted, but is a thrilling experience that offers unmatchable panoramic views of the fair and the surrounding desert land.

Attractions at the Pushkar Fair
Most of the activities and celebrations at the fair happen at the designated fair grounds, which is a huge mass of arid land located at the intersection of the Brahma Temple Road and the National Highway 89. The main attractions at the fair, needless to say are the camels. They are dressed and decorated with colorful saddles, jewelry and other embellishments and exhibited for the trade, there are other unique practices surrounding the camels exhibited at the fair that help to promote the virility of each animal, like – shaving camels, camel races, beauty pageants, camel parades, camel dance and the enthralling auctioning of these magnificent animals that form an integral part of Rajasthan’s livelihood in the desert.

Vikram Samwat -8-15 Kartik – S

Starting: 22/11/2020
Ending: 30/11/2020

Pushkar, Rajasthan

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