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Percussion instruments of Rajasthan


Different kinds of drums form this group of musical instruments. They are of various kinds: the two sided ones, the single sided drums, the shallow rimmed and single faced. The twin faced drums include the tiny damru or dugdugi of the Kalbelia and the madari (juggler) and the obliquities Dhol from which the dholi derives his caste name. The Bhils use the maadal, a folk version of ‘moisang’ which has a body of baked clay and gives a booming sound.

The single faced and shallow rimmed drums are the daf and the chang. The chang is the biggest, and with a parchment pasted on its rim, is a big favourite of the holi revelers. The player strikes the centre with his left hand and the edge of the membrane with a stick attached to a finger of the right hand. A second player beats out a faster rhythm along the rim, which is called ‘chippi lagana’. The smallest member in this group is the Khanjri, and its variant is the Dhapli. They are used by Kalbelias.