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Temple In Pali


Ranakpur Temples 
The main tourist attractions of Ranakpur are its famous temples. Situated approximately 90km from Udaipur, the Ranakpur temple complex is a must see. The main Chaumukha temple (Four-Faced Temple) is dedicated to Adinath, the first Thirthankar. The two other Jain temples in the complex are dedicated to Neminath and Parasnath. There is also the Sun temple and the Amba Mata temple near the main complex.
Beautiful sculptured Jain temples mark the glory of this renowned place. Marked as one of the five holy places for the Jain community, these were created in the 15 the century. During the reign of Rana Kumbha and are enclosed within a wall. The central Chaumukha [four faced temple] is dedicated to Adinathji the temple is an astounding creation with 29 halls and 1,444 pillars all distinctly carved and no two being alike is a amazing evidence of the genius sense of architecture that enhances the charm of the place.

Every temple has this conceivable surface carved with equal delicacy. The ambience of Ranakpur is mainly highlighted by the location and the almost divine architecture, giving the same hue as its counter part - the great Dilwara Temple's. In Mt-Abu. Facing the main temple are the unique temples -Parasvanath - Neminath with exquisite figures carving similar to that Khajuraho sculptures. Another temple worth visiting is the nearby 'Sun Temple' dedicated to the 'Sun God' (Surya-the master of all the planets and the provider of light to the whole universe) adorned with polygonal wall, richly embellished with the carvings of warriors, horses and solar (Nakshatras, grahs') deities riding splendid 'chariots' the vehicle of the 'Sun God'- which accordingly to the Hindu Mythology is the God of prosperity and a shining destiny in this world. Many throng this shrine for these blessings. Overall Ranakpur is known as ' The tranquil pilgrimage town'. For the buffs a ride to the outskirts like ' Sadari' - 'Desuri'- 'Ghanerao'- 'Narhai', serves the purpose of their satisfaction.

It is situated between Falna - Sanderav rout. Myth goes that pandavas stayed here with mother kunti during the exile. Kunti used to worship shiva at this place. Pandavas also established Navdurga at this place.

It is in Desuri tehsil, on the top of one of the hill of aravali.  There is a natural cavern on the hill where a natural Shivling is the attraction of the devotee of lord Shiva. The Myth goes that the great ascetic, Parshuram of Ramayana era practiced penarce in this cavern. Fairs are also organized here twice a year. It is hardly 14 km from Sadari Town.  

It is famous for its historical background and ShilpArt. It is situated in the middle of Pali city. It was constructed by then King of Gujarat Kumarpal Solanki in the Vikram samvat 1209. It is the temple of Lord Shiva. In the premises of temple there are many small temple of other Devi Devta.