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North Indian Wedding Traditions


Indian Weddings with all their grandeur and magnificence have cast its spell on so many foreigners that there are many who consider getting married in India. Consequently wedding tourism in India is increasingly gaining popularity. Apart from the opulence, another striking feature of Indian weddings is their loyalty to customs and traditions. As is the case with other parts of India, North Indian weddings also follow a lot of rituals and customs. North Indian wedding traditions include many rites and rituals performed on the D-day.

In traditional North Indian weddings, the main ceremony takes place at the brides' home. There are many pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies as well. The most important of the former is the Mangni or Sagai or engagement ceremony. On the auspicious day of the wedding, the bride's father treats the groom to yogurt and honey and graciously welcomes him into the household. One of the most important of North Indian wedding traditions is the exchanging of garlands, commonly referred to as the Jaimala ceremony and is symbolic of accepting one another.

The ceremonial fire or Havan is lit and Agni is invoked to witness the occasion. Fire is regarded as a purifying element in Hindu rites and rituals. The couple then offers sacrifice or Rajaham to the fire. This is typical to North Indian wedding tradtions. The ritual that follows next is the Gath Bandhan, symbolic of eternal ties. Then it is the turn of what is regarded as the most important all North Indian wedding traditions - the Saat Phere or Mangal Phere. The bride and groom circle the fire often holding hands and take vows to be beside each other throughout their lives. Both sets of parents and other elders of the family then bless the newly wedded couple

North Indian wedding traditions also include putting on the Mangal Sutra as well and application of vermillion on the bride's head by the groom. These rituals have a deeper symbolic relevance and a certain quaint charm and appeal. It is no wonder then that they enamor even foreigners. If you are one of those who choose to marry following the North Indian wedding traditions, simply avail of any the special wedding tour packages on offer by Indian Holiday. There are many exotic wedding venues in India and a splendid wedding in any of them is sure to remain embedded in your memories forever.