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Temples in kota


Bahndeora Temple (Ramgarh) 110 kms from Kota
It is situated in Baran district. Built in the 11th century, and was renovated in 12th century. Perched on Ramgarh hill, the best way to reach the temple is by a jeep. This temple is now in ruins.

Neelkanth Temple
Neelkanth mahadev’s temple is one among the oldest temples of the city. It is situated in eastward of the palace. There is a beautiful water tank of Visvanath and a statue of four faced Shiva here. Twelve miles away from this place there is a 200 feet high waterfall. 

Shiva temple 
Shiva temple of Bardoli built in 8th century, are situated 30 miles from Kota and are famous for artistic beauty.