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Jhalana Safari Park


Jhalana Safari Park is an expansive and beautiful safari park in Jaipur that’s popular for its leopard sightings. The forest block has an area of 1978 hectare and is situated on south eastern border of Jaipur city. Until 1860, the park was under Feudalistic rule. It was the exclusive property of the erstwhile Jaipur estate and was basically used by the royals to play sports, and to meet the fuel and fodder needs of neighboring villages. In 1862, Dr Brandis was appointed as the Inspector General of the forest to supervise the administration of the forest under a systematic management. The park is immensely rich in flora and fauna, and the vegetation here is categorized as northern tropical dry deciduous forest type. The safari tour here is raw, wild, and forthcoming, as the park lets the visitors witness wildlife in its natural habitat. Besides leopards, the safari also has around 15-20 panthers reigning the forest area. Other wildlife viewing opportunities at Jhalana Safari Park entail insightful

excursions for discovering and exploring diverse wildlife, including striped hyenas, desert fox, golden jackal, chital, Indian palm civets, blue bulls, jungle cat, and many more. Besides this, the Jhalana Safari Park is a bird watcher’s paradise too, as it is home to various species of birds, including the Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owlet, Indian roller, sikra, and hawks, among others. With its expansive landscapes and diverse animal life, there are a few popular places of interest in the park as well; namely, a majestic shikar oudhi built in 1835 by Sawai Ram Singh, a big temple of Kali Mata, and a Jain Chulgiri Temple