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The Ballooning Club of Indian organizes an International Hot Air Balloon Mela in November every year which is an eagerly awaited event for balloonists the world over.
Visitors can travel short distances between towns or historic resorts in these hot air balloons. The best, of course, is to coast over fairs such as Pushkar or Baneshwar or Nagaur in a hot-air-balloon. Jaipur is now a popular centre for ballooning.
The first ever hot-air balloon 1783, However, with the advent of air planes, flights 'by lighter-tan-air' machines went out of fashion until it was revived in the last century as an adventure sport. Joy rides on the balloons can be had for a fee by the enthusiasts. The view from the top, according to the experience of some who have travelled up and down, is nothing but exhilarating.
There's no age barrier to enjoy hot-air ballooning, but a you have to be fit, as you may have to walk through paddocks after landing. There are no seats in the basket - therefore, standing for the duration of the flight, about an hour is unavoidable. It’s best not to take children along with you, reason being the comfort and enjoyment of other passengers. The size of the basket is quiet small and young children often get restless when in confined areas. The walls of the baskets are usually four feet high, and small children would have difficulty in seeing over, unless carried by an adult. Adults should accompany children under 12 years.
The best time to indulge in ballooning is after sunrise when the winds are their calmest. Winter months provide the most reliable conditions, but during summer months its better take off early in the morning. The duration of ballooning flight can change at the pilot's discretion, taking into account the winds, temperature and weight carried on the day.

Clothing should be exactly the way you wear during a hiking trip that includes sturdy shoes or boots plus sunglasses, gloves and a cap. Remember, it does not get any colder in the balloon than on the ground. Always bring an extra film for photography. When alone a balloon can rise upto 800 feet and above, while those in groups may be restricted to heights between 200 and 500 feet.
A balloon can move as fast as the wind blows, but high wind landings always require skill and experience. The passenger capacity depends on the size of the balloon, but usually it varies from 2 in sport balloons and up to 12 people in passenger balloons. The balloon crew tracks the flight and are usually there when the balloon lands.
Hot Air Ballooning Safari offers you the opportunity to experience Jaipur from a very exclusive perspective as they drift over traditional local villages, spectacular forts, breathtaking landscapes and hidden palaces.

We have two different flying areas in Jaipur. The first flying area is just to the north of Jaipur in the area surrounding the Amber Fort & Village.

Second flying area is in the untouched & spectacular area surrounding Samode Palace & Village.

The starting point for the Balloon Safari changes each day and is dependent on the wind direction & wind speed on the day of the flight. Our highly experienced Pilot’s will choose the flying area on the morning of the flight according to the weather conditions.
Please Note: We cannot guarantee that a flight will fly close to the Amber Fort as the direction of the flight is determined by the wind and weather conditions.
Nestled in the rustic terrain of Rajasthan, Pushkar is one of India’s Holiest cities. It has a captivating and vibrant energy and maintains the quant feel of a Rajasthani village.

Take a Balloon Safari with us during the famous Pushkar Fair (October / November) which is known as the World’s largest Camel fair. Catch a rare glimpse of the kaleidoscopic patchwork of camels, horses, cows, local traders and excited villagers as they converge on this tiny Rajasthani town.

Morning & evening flights are operated daily during the 10-day Pushkar Fair period. Flights outside of the Pushkar Fair period are on a request basis only and require a minimum of 8 people to operate the flight.

Neemrana Fort-Palace is one of India’s oldest heritage resorts, built since 15th century. The splendid views and closeness to Delhi makes it an ideal gateway for weekends. Two pools, hanging gardens and beautifully done rooms, everything will make the experience a memorable one. The hotel is also a winner of Certificate of Excellence, 2013 award.

The fort is a great place to hold conferences and business meetings. With three conference halls, business travellers can have the meeting inside the halls or in winters, hold meetings in the open air, overlooking countryside. Fort and Palace weddings can also be organised there with impeccable arrangements. Rejuvenate and restore with the excellent spa services and other body treatments.

Operating season starts on the 1st September and finishes on the 30th April

How Many People
We have different sized Balloons, ranging from 2 person Balloons up to Balloons that can carry 22 people

Each flight lasts for approximately 1 hour. The length of the flight can vary depending on the weather conditions

Sunrise / sunset We operate both Morning (sunrise) and Evening (sunset) flights depending on the time of the year