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Explore the exciting landscapes and tribal villages on horseback Sturdy, well-maintained horses are nothing new to the visitor but few could have taken such long trips on horse-backs. Horse safaris are organized around Udaipur-Jodhpur regions since the area is surrounded by the interesting hilly tracks. The present tours are conducted from Kumbhalgarh to Jodhpur and sawarda to Pushkar. There are breaks for refreshments, there are breaks for refreshments, there are bonfires and entertainment provided by folk entertainers on the way. A tiring but exhilairating experience. New routes are being added to the existing ones. The horses of Marwari breed are provided for the safari.
Horse Safari organized

In Ramgarh -Jaipur
From the Ramgarh Resort and Polo Complex, horse safaris can be organized for those who love horse riding and the endurance test that it entails. The Ramgarh Lake, Ramgarh sanctuary and the nearby villages offer innumerable riding trails for safari-lovers. Local riders and trainers accompany the safari to ensure safety of guests and horses.

In Udaipur
Adventure-seeking guests can traverse the bustling township of Udaipur, and historical sites nearby, on horseback. Local guides ensure fruitful visits to important temples, old palaces and havelis, sanctuaries and garden areas that can be covered during daylong safaris. Safe and sturdy horses are selected by the safari-guides.

In Kumbhalgarh
The medieval fort-city of Kumbhalgarh, and the neighboring villages, can be covered on horseback. The majestic fort, with its 36 km-long unbroken wall, ancient temples and historical sites make the safari a memorable journey into the valorous past of Rajasthan. The horses are patient and sturdy; the guests have to be agile and adventurous to match the mood