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We are organizing Elephant Safari around Jaipur region.
This area has been carefully selected because the elephants are easily available in Jaipur and they are well trained for the riding. The distance covered on the elephant is approximately 15 to 18 kms per day. Itinerary can be forwarded to you on your request.

The route for the elephant safari is designed for the tourists cramped for the time and wishing to feel the real India, which truly lies in the simple self-sufficient villages. One is taken on Elephant safari to a nearby village, untouched by the influences of modern day living. You may marvel at the happiness and contentment writ large on the faces of the utterly simple and rustic villagers. A visit to the ‘Kaccha Makaan’ or temporary dwellings of the village gives a feeling of how a village lifestyle is.

Cherish a hands-on-experience about the elephants at the elephant farm. Get closer to them, feel them, learn their language, feed them and most interestingly you get a chance to paint them. Show your love towards the huge creature by talking a walk with the elephant. An amazing transformation within you, towards this new friend of yours is guaranteed after the excursion.

Duration: 3 hrs
Location: Amer, Jaipur


  • make sure you don’t harm the creature
  • Bathing the elephants in winter season is not allowed.

Dinning with the Elephants (Bush Dinners)
After finishing your afternoon Amber Fort tour or from your hotel drive to the khuraad estate nestled in the hills of Jaipur, 5 kms from Amer fort. Here you will be invited for tea by the chieftain’s family. After which you mount Elephants and start on your short safari through the quiet and peaceful bushy countryside of Amber, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, and from the annoying touts and beggars. After a half-hours safari along the picturesque Jaipur. Here you will be you will arrive at your private “Dinner” camp pitched up only for you in the jungle of Jaipur. Here you will be welcomed by the Safari staff after which enjoys some local folk entertainment and a wide range of cocktails by a fire under a canopy of stars. The whole area will be brilliantly lit up by flame torches and hurricane lamps. This will be followed by BBQ Dinner. Later one could either sip cognac around a fire or head back to their respective hotels