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Chittaurgarh, the pride & glory of Rajasthan, echoes with tales of romance, valour & chivalry. Chittaurgarh finds mention in the epic, Mahabharata. The warrior prince Bhim, one of the five Pandavas, is said to have visited this place & struck the ground with his foot with such force that water gushed out from the earth & formed a massive reservoir. Even today it is called Bhimlat or the kick of Bhim.

The history of Chittaurgarh revolves around its ancient fort which dates back to the reign of the Sisodia ruler Bappa Rawal (734 – 53 AD). The Sisodias are believed to be the oldest dynasty in the world with their origin dating back to 566 AD. Mewar & the Sisodias occupy a very special niche in the annals of history as the Rajput Kingdom & dynasty which upheld the Rajput values & kept alive the tradition of independence. When other rulers were bowing to acknowledge Mughal supremacy, the rulers of Chittaur held out defiantly & fiercely, never allowing their princesses in marriage to the Mughal emperors. It was this indomitable spirit of the Mewar rulers which deterred & even challenged many attackers.

Over the centuries Chittaurgarh was attacked by Allauddin Khilji, Bahadur Shah of Malwa & the Mughal emperor Akbar. Although the Rajputs managed to recover the fort after the first two conquests, the third conquest of Chittaurgarh by Akbar in 1567, finally annexed it to the Mughal Empire.

Through the three attacks, the rulers displayed exemplary heroism, choosing death to surrender & dishonor.

The saga of Chittaurgarh is replete with heroic tales. The legendary Sisodia rulers like rana Kumbha, Rana Sanga & Maharana Pratap are today revered as heroes by the nation.

Quick Facts
Area : 135,133 Sq. Km
Population : 20795956
Altitude : 317 meters
Capital : Raipur
Districts :
Language : Hindi, English, Chhattisgarhi
Climate : Summer: Minimum Temperature: 25.0 Degree Celsius.
Maximum Temperature : 41 Degree Celsius
Winter : Minimum Temperature: 10 Degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature : 20 Degree Celsius

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Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is the only airport in the state. The Indian Airlines connect the city with Delhi and Nagpur by daily flights.


Chhattisgarh is well connected with good railway network. Raipur and Bilaspur are the two major railway stations, which connect it to major cities and towns of India.


The National Highways (NH) 6, 16 and 43 connect all the major cities and towns of Chhattisgarh to other parts of the country.


90 km.
Sita Mata Sanctuary
423 km.
Deogargh Fort
125 km.
Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary
25 km.
40 km

Best Time to Visit

The best time visit Chittaurgarh is between October to March. The weather remains very pleasant during this time. The daytime temperature during this time encourages visits to various tourist places to see in Chittaurgarh. The summer months, from March to May, are best to be avoided, as the temperature can easily cross 40° C, which is not conducive for visiting places of attractions in Chittaurgarh.