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The people of the desert have been using the camel for years now: sometimes it is their only means of transport and no man can think of surviving in the than desert without the hardy camel. Started some years ago, Camel Safari is the most common and adventurous safari to be undertaken in Rajasthan. One camel per person is provided for the safari. The safari can be undertaken in the North Western part which has the perfect surroundings of tracks in the sandy dunes. The safari can be provided for minimum of one day and can be extended upto any number of days as per the requirements. The camel safari takes the tourist through the villages of Shekhawati where there is ample opportunity to gain the first-hand experience of the rustic environ, admire the real Rajasthan and mingle with the local villagers. Other areas covered by the camel safari are Nagaur to Pushkar and Bikaner to Jaisalmer. As the routes are long the ride can be quite exhausting but the thrill of this safari has made it quite popular with the tourists.
Camel Safari can organized in following locations

In Jaisalmer
In Jaisalmer: Camels and sand dunes are synonymous with Jaisalmer; safaris into the famous Sam sand dunes are a must-do for foreign and Indian tourists. The camels are decorated and brought by their owners; entire families often guide the guests to the sand dunes. Desert wildlife sanctuaries are also an enriching experience. Swiss tents, with electricity and water, and regular tented accommodation are available for the adventurous who want to spend nights out in the Thar Desert

In Gajner
Gajner Palace is an oasis of greenery with sprawling lawns and tree-lined courtyards. Camel safaris from Gajner Palace foray into the wildlife sanctuary and sand dunes in the vicinity. Guests experience the authentic adventure of desert life just a few miles away from the palace premises. Local guides and trained camel-drivers ensure safety and security for guests as they venture from the palace for desert safaris.

In Bikaner
This is the heart of camel-country; Bikaner is the center for camel breeding. The adventurous can venture into the desert on lively camel safaris. Colorfully decorated camels, with their proud owners, add a festive air to the safari. Trained guides meticulously plan out safaris into sanctuaries and sand dunes around Bikaner. Guests experience the true flavour of timeless Rajasthan.

Mahabar Sand Dunes – Barmer
Sanchal Fort is crawled around with golden sand dunes of Mahabar. On the canvas of Thar Desert, each gust of wind knocks the door reciting its poetry trying to leave its imprint which is often dissolved by time & time again trying to convey something unknown.
Camel Safari can be enjoyed here best that will make the stay more memorable. Dancing to the time of winds, these sand dunes roaming from one place to another are centre of attraction for tourists. The sand dunes are just a stone throw away distance from the hotel and some of them are privately owned by Sanchal Fort itself. Sunrise or Sunset walk to the sand dunes is highly recommended for the shutterbugs

Pushkar Camel Safari
camel safari, We take you through villagers where you will see local village life. Farmers are working in their fields and picking roses from the gardens .women are wearing traditional clothing and children are excited to see you past the village is the desert a And then we reached at semi dunes area which is famous among tourists because from there a wonderful scene of shining