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October - March

Places Nearby Bikaner


National Research Centre on Camails 8 Kms
Away, this forms perhaps the only one of its kind in of Asia is managed by the Central Government. Bikaner’s Camel Corps, former Ganga Risala, was a famous fighting force and still maintains the importance in desert warfare and defence through the Border Security Force (BSF).

Devi Kund 9 Kms
A royal crematorium of the former royal family of Bikaner has several exquisite cenotaphs which were built in memory of the rulers & others of the Bikaji dynasty. Maharaja Surat Singh’s Chhatri is made of white marble & is remarkable in concept & execution. Rajput paintings adorn the ceiling of the cenotaph.

Deshnok’s fascinating temple of Karni Mata, an incarnation of Durga, is not far for squeamish. Here the holy rodents are considered to be incarnations of the storytellers, and run riot over the temple complex.

Deshnok is a village 30 km south of Bikaner along the Jodhpur road. Karni Mata lived in the 14th century and performed many miracles during her life-time. When her youngest son, Lakhan, drowned, Karni Mata ordered Yama, the god of Death, to bring him back to life. Yama replied that he was unable to do this, but that Karni Mata, is an incarnation of Durga, could restore Lakhan's life. This she did, and decreed that members of her family would no longer die, but would be incarnated as kabas (rats), and these kabas would returns as members of her family. There are around 600 families in Deshnok who claim both decent from Karni Mata and that they will be reincarnated as kabas.

The temple is an important place of pilgrimage, with pilgrims being disgorged every few minutes from buses. Before the temple, is a beautiful marble facade with solid silver doors donated by Maharaja Gaj Singh. Across the doorway to the inner sanctum are the repousse (raised relief) silver doors - one panel shows the goddess with her holy charges at her feet. An image of goddess is enshrined in the sanctum. There are special holes around the temple courtyard to fascinate the rats' movements, and a wire grille has been placed over the courtyard to prevent the birds of prey and other predators consuming the holy rodents.

Gainer Wildlife Sanctuary 36 Kms
The wildlife sanctuary, amidst lush green surroundings, on the road to Jaisalmer. The lush foliage of the woods has a number of nilgai of the blue bull. Chinkara, black, wild boar and flocks of imperial sand grouse & many birds & waterfowls which flock here in large numbers. living here. The Gajner Palace, a summer resort of the kings on the banks of lake has now been converted into a Heritage hotel.

Kalibangan 205 Kms
To the North of Bikaner in Hanumangarh district, is a prehistoric site which lies in ruins today. It was an important city of the Harappan culture that flourished between 3500 & 4500 years ago, years ago, very much like the great Indus Valley cities of Mohenjodaro in size, planning & design. The main streets were nearly ten metres wide & the city had an advanced drainage system. Excavations close by have unearthed relics of an import walled city inhabited even earlier than Harappa, probably five thousand years ago. A museum has been established near the excavation site.

Katariasar Village 45 Kms
Located on Jaipur road, the collage is rich in ethnic rural and cultural life. View the sunset with typical. Desert land scape around, walk on a range of sand dunes and enjoy desert lifestyle. The main profession of the villagers here is cattle rearing and milk production. The founder of Jasnathi sect of fire dancers Jasnathji hails from this very place. Herds of chinkaras, desert fox, rabbits, peacocks, parrots and partridges are found in plenty around the village.



Camel Breeding Farm
Camel beading farm is 10 km away, is probably the only one of its kind in Asia, and is managed by the government.

Kolayatji 50 km

A sacred spot, dedicated to Kapil Muni. The temple here is the venue for a fair in the month of Kartik Oct - Nov, attracting thousands of pilgrims. Kolayat is an idyllic picnic spot as well.

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