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October - March

Places Nearby Banswara


15 kms away from Banswara is a famous town known as Talwara. It is famous for the ancient temple of Sun God, Lord Amaliya Ganesh, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Dwarka Dhish temple and Jain temples of Sambhaarnath. A number of Sompura sculpture artists can be seen carving stones on the roadside in Talwara.

Ram Kund
Some 17 kms away from the city, it is a place surrounded by hills. People call it”Phati Khan” because is a deep cave under a hill. There is a pool of very cold water which is found throughout the year. It is said that Lord Ram, during his exile came and stayed here for some time.

There is a famous 12th century temple of ‘Lord Brahma’ here. The black stone statue is of an average man’s height.

This place of great archeological importance is the major attraction of Banswara district. Arthuna is 55 kms. Away from Banswara. There is a complex of ancient temples which were built in the 11th and 12th centuries. In ancient times it was the capital city of the Parmar rulers. Many temples have been excavated which reveal the glorious past of our rich heritage. it is called the village of old and broken temples.

60 kms away from Banswara, lays this place made famous by Govind Guru. He was a popular saint of the Bhils who made the Mangarh hill a centre of faith. He awakened the Bhil community and filled them with a sense of patriotism. The Bhils were so inspired that they sacrificed their lives on the alter of freedom. Later, 1500 Gurubhakt Bhils sacrificed while fighting against the British army. It is called the Jallianwala Bagh of Rajasthan.

Mahi Dam 18 km
Banswara is also well known for the Bajaj Sagar Project and for numerous dams and canals situated at beautiful sites. The Mahi River has a number of islands inside the Mahi Dam catchment area and thus Banswara is also known as the ‘City of Hundred Islands’. Other dams worth visiting are Sarvania Dam, Lilwania Dam, Haro Dam and Gaman Bridge.

There are many waterfalls with heights varying between 150 to 200 ft these are seasonal falls, The main falls are Kagdi Fall (11kms), Juandra Fall (35 kms), Fatehpura Amalipada Fall (4 kms), Bhuadra Fall (32 kms), and Jhola Fall (33 kms). All these falls are breath taking during the rainy season.

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