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Alwar, amongst the Rajput principalities was closest to imperial Delhi, influencing the people and history of the region, formerly known as Mewat. The people of Alwar developed a hardy, but carefree attitude to life. They did not submit to alien rule, and often rebelled.

They were daring adventurers and marauders in the 12th and 13th centuries they banded together and raided Delhi at night. The western gates of the capital had to be barred every evening against their coming. Sultan Balban (1267-1287) finally crushed their disorganized resistance and as a result they came under Muslim rule. In 1771 AD, Maharaja Pratap Singh, a Kuchhwaha Rajput belonging to the same clan as the one that ruled Jaipur, won back Alwar and founded a principality of his own.

Alwar lies equidistant from Delhi and Jaipur. The Aravallis break up in a beautiful little valley with small hills and rocky crags before trailing of in the final spine that runs right up to and through Delhi. Known there as the ridge. The city nestles between several small hills, on the most prominent of which stands a dramatically forbidding fort, lakes and valleys thickly wooded in parts, have made this area the haunt of animals and birds.

Rich wildlife, Alwar has one of the finest sanctuaries in Rajasthan.

Quick Facts
Area : 44.76 sq. kms
Climate : Hot Summer 25.0C Min 41.6 Max,
Cold Winter 7.9 Min 23.6 Max
Clothing :
Summer: Light Tropical,
Winter: Woolens
Season : Winter: Oct.– March
Summer: April – June
Language : Rajasthani, Hindi, English

How to get Alwar


Nearest airport is Jaipur (148 km) and Delhi (150 km)


Well connected by Rail from Delhi and other parts of Rajasthan.


Regular bus services to and from Jaipur, Agar, Delhi, Sariska, Bharatpur and other cities of Rajasthan are available. Alwar lies on Delhi-Jaipur-Ahmedabad route.

166 KM
76 KM
170 Km
116 KM
160 KM
35 km

Best Time to Visit

The best time visit Alwar is between Octobre to March . The weather remains very pleasant during this time. The daytime temperature during this time encourages visits to various tourist places to see in Alwar. The summer months, from March to May, are best to be avoided, as the temperature can easily cross 40° C, which is not conducive for visiting places of attractions in Alwar.