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Shopping In Agra


Agra is known not only for its monumental wonders but also for its handicrafts and fine arts traditions. You can shop to your hearts content in the markets of Agra. Shopping in Agra is something you're sure to enjoy on your tour to Agra India.

Some of the fine wok for which Agra is famous includes marble work, such as inlay work of the kind seen within the Taj Mahal; leatherwork covering a wide range of products such as shoes, bags, belts and more; rugs and carpets, woven by master craftsmen who retain the secrets of carpet weaving taught generations ago by Persian rug makers, and brassware which includes artifacts such as hookah bases, for those who wish to acquire an oriental souvenir. Agra is also famous for its Mughlai cuisine, a sweet called petha and a snack called dalmoth. You can enjoy trying the culinary delights of Agra, while shopping in Agra India.