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Arriving in Rajasthan
Rajasthan is a key destination on the tourist map of India. Various places of tourist interest in the region have convenient links through Air, Rail and Road with the prominent locations in the country. Most of the travelers arriving in Rajasthan in New Delhi or Bombay ( Mumbai). New Delhi is the closest major International Airport and is the preferred gateway of most travelers to Rajasthan. New Delhi airport is 260 kilometers away from Jaipur and 5 hours drive verity of transport to Jaipur is available from there. Mumbai is also and alternative and is one of India major International airport.

Rajasthan has airports at Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, while the airport at Jaisalmer opens from 1st October to 31st March. Government run airline Indian Airlines and private airline Jet Airways operate daily services to all airports in Rajasthan from New Delhi and Mumbai. The domestic airport at New Delhi and Mumbai are located near the international airport and flight to Rajasthan operates from domestic airports only.

Check-in time for all airlines is one hour for individual tourist for groups 90 minutes before the flight scheduled time. You are allowed 20 kgs of baggage in economy and 30 kgs of baggage in business class. There is a stringent security check your clothing is frisked and your hand baggage is checked. Remember to get a hand baggage tag before checking-in because it is stamped if cleared for security. You will also be required to identify your baggage at tarmac before its loaded on the aircraft. If you are taking a domestic flight to catch an international make sure to have at least 12 hour in advance to avoid missing their flights because of delays.

Most of the Rajasthan is accessible by a network of rail services. An excellent connection to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, from New Delhi is the Shatabdi Express start at 6 A.M takes (4 hrs run) which is air condition chair-seating rail service and from Jaipur it is start at 1700 hrs takes 4 hrs to reach Delhi. Its runs daily except Wednesday. Train services are very good between Delhi to Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Kota, and Swai Madhupur. There is train link from Mumbai & Kolkata also.

A variety of services like the super fats, mail, express, inter city and country passenger services are offer to choose from. The services are also classified for comfort in travel like the most luxurious in air-conditioned first class. Most of the trains offer air-conditions service in other classes also two tier, three tier and chair car. The lowest is second-class three-tier sleeper berth and chair car. Good catering is available on train and constant supply of cold and hot beverages and mineral water is available. Alcoholic drinks and smoking are forbidden on Indian trains and should be avoided. Bookings of tickets can sometimes be taxing and trains are overcrowded so advance planning 60 days is suggested.

Jaipur is 260 kms away from Delhi and 232 kms from Taj city Agra The most interesting mode of travel in Rajasthan is by road. For, it offers the visitor an unending panorama of movement, color and country side drive. Trains of camel move slowly across the yellow desert sands. Proud Rajput womenfolk with their skirts a swirl of color and balancing brass pots for fetching water walk gracefully to the village well stark fortresses use like a dream on deserted hills. And doorways, painting gaily with elephants and peacocks, enchant the passer by.