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Stepwell, Bundi


Sukh Mahals

Sukh Mahals evokes memories of RUDYARD KIPLING who not only stayed here but found inspiration for his famous work KIM.

Sar Bagh

SAR BAGH has 66 royal cenotaphs. Step wells (Bawari) are another prominent highlights of Bundi, these served as water reservoirs in the months of summers, there were over 50 wells but many of them had to suffer the ravages of the time. The CHHATAR MAHAL is adorned with beautiful wall paintings of the famous Bundi School. And so are the ZANANA MAHAL (palace for the queens) and BADAL MAHAL.

Phool Sagar

The PHOOL SAGAR is an excellent and well-planned structure as also the decoration of this Rajput edifice, and the same beauty lies in the massive TARAGARH. This little town has yet retained a medieval atmosphere. Bundi is not exactly a tourist tramping ground but never the less, this adds on to its appeal with a curiosity to explore it. The look of the town has a Bluish hue same as that of Jodhpur. With no renovating desire, the art is in a crumbling state of disrepair. The original history claims that Bundi was once the capital of the great HADOTI KINGDOM. But then KOTA in 1624 was separated as an independent state and thus the journey of Bundi downfall started. A prominent author approached BUNDI, He came, He saw and He created RUDYARD KIPLING's inspiration took birth in the state of Bundi and so inspired was he by the enchanting set up that he captured its images and applied them to his works.

Taragarh Fort

It was built in 1345 and is great ramble around at leisure. This is rather a ramshackle fort, with its overgrown vegetation.

The view over the town and surrounding countryside from the top are magical, especially at sun set. Inside the ramparts are huge reservoirs carved out of solid rock, and the Bhim Burj, the largest of the battle- fields, on which there is mounted a famous cannon. Taragarh is reached by steep road leading up the hillside to its enormous gateway. Take a path up behind the chitra Shala; go east along the inside of the ramparts then left up the steep stone ramp just before the Dudha Mahal, a small disused building 200m from the palace.

Baoris & Kunds

Bundi is also famous for its Baoris (step wells) & Kunds (tanks) located in the center of the town. The Raniji – Ki – Baori, the largest, is 46 metres deep & has some beautiful carvings. Rani Nathavatji built it in 1699. Out side the Chougan Gate are two matching step – wells, the Nagar Sagar Kund. The step – wells are a unique feature in the landscape of Rajasthan & Gujarat as they served as a water reservoir during the long summer months when there was a shortage of water. The drawings of water become an occasion & women dressed in their finery when visiting this elaborate step – wells.

Shikar Burj

Located in the sun – dappled forest, Shikar Burj was the royal hunting lodge. Wildlife in the Bundi woods comprised tigers, deer & boar. The royal hunts of Bundi were well renowned.

Kshar Bagh

An old garden close to Shikar Burj houses the 66 cenotaphs (chattris) of the Bundi kings & queens. The most outstanding one is that of Chattar Sal Singh.


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